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We are a digital visual arts company that produces dreams.

That's right! Our priority is to deliver you a beautiful image of your business, your work, in other words, your dream!

We serve by  CNPJ: 43.986.341/0001-90 under the nomination of Art Ideia since 2016, but with CNPJ renewed in 2021.

We really want to see you happy with our work. And we will work together with you to do so.  

Come be a customer and partner of the Art Idea Team!

O que fazemos

Produzimos Kits Digitais, para seu negócio.

  • Kits Digitais Cartões de Agradecimento.

  • Kits Digitais Tags e Adesivos.

  • Kits Digitais Talão (Folha ) de Pedido e Recibo.

  • Kits Digitais Papéis Digitais.

  • Kits Digitais para corte.


We do not have a physical headquarters for calls.

Our service is done entirely online through this site.

Any first contact made via WhatsApp, Facebook, Elo7, Instagram or email will be redirected to this site.


We don't answer phone or video call.

The return of any contact message in any medium will be done during business hours as soon as possible, within the possibilities and demands.


Mon - Fri: 9:00 - 18:00  ​​

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