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We rely on the world's SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security system.  It is a global standard in security technology.

It creates an encrypted channel between a web server and a browser (browser) to ensure that all data transmitted is confidential and secure.


Any personal data and information provided by the customer can serve as a contact for service. However, they will only serve this purpose, making them confidential and without any misuse on our part.

As for contacts, any art that has customer contact can be used to publicize our work. If you do not want the disclosure in our publications, let us know until the day of delivery of the material so that the necessary concealments are made. If no notices are given, we will assume that you are aware of possible disclosures and we assume that we are authorized to make these publications without any prior notice.

If we ask for any information or personal data, it will be treated confidentially and will only be used to match confirmations and order data in order to process them more securely.

Beware of scammers! We don't ask for photos or credit card details!

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