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  • 1 - Do you change phrase, word, color, shape or background, put my logo or my contacts in the Digital Kits?"
    No, it's unenforceable for us. Our system is automated and submissions are done mechanically.The materials are already laid out in a submission lineage and we haven't edited them before.They will be sent automatically as is.
  • 2 - Do you produce exclusive or personalized Digital Kit?
    Not for both, as it is a material that we can sell to more than one client, customizing or producing a kit according to the client's wishes is not feasible for us.
  • 4 - Can I produce products such as Digital Kits?
    Of course, you can produce materials, yes. One of our purposes is that the client has a source of income using our arts by manufacturing physical products, whatever they may be. The only restrictions that are legally restricted are that you are not allowed to distribute, donate, repost, resell, sublicense or share any of our original or altered products. In this case, as digital material, in its natural form.
  • 4 - Consigo abrir o material no celular?
    Não, nossos materiais são projetados para serem impressos via computador os quais comandam impressoras e detém a possibilidade de exercer vários outros recursos. Por isso é imprescindível que os arquivos sejam abertos e manipulados por computador e não celular.
  • 5 - Do you send printed materials?
    No! We do not work with physical printed materials. We don't even recommend any graphics. Our artworks are sent by email.
  • 9 – What are the payment possibilities?
    - We accept credit and debit cards via Mercado Pago (payment installments may vary according to the customer's brand) - PIX or TED bank transfer (NuBank, Mercado Pago, Banco do Brasil and Caixa) - Ticket - Deposit (Banco do Brasil and Caixa) Each of the payment possibilities has its particularities for confirmation (to be agreed)
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